ELECTIONS.GLOBAL is a highly secured cloud-based management platform that manages your volunteers or observer tasks and assignments

How do you stay updated on Election Day?

What is happening in polling stations across the country every minute?

Do all of your volunteers or observers arrive at the polling station on time?

Are you interested in tracking the truck that carries the ballot box?

Are you interested in doing a survey at all the polling places?

With our AI system, you will find all this out and more:

  • Volunteers and observers provide “real-time” reports
  • Available on a mobile app and computer dashboard as well
  • Everything is recorded
  • The campaign managers receive real-time updates in the office and is constantly informed

ELECTIONS can be customized to fit your specific role, province, and district

What can we do for you?

  • Real time App and Dashboard
  • Manage on-site work from anywhere
  • Real time reporting of assignment completed and open assignments
  • A mission can be added in real-time by “push notification”
  • Routine responsibility execution
  • Documentation with video and photos if you suspect something fishy
  • The platform directs the party volunteers’ procedures of how to perform jointly during any incident or emergency scenario

Capabilities and competencies

Management and insights
  • Optimal office overview and prioritization in any phase
  • Dashboards, heatmaps and progress indicators for efficient management and control
  • Continuous key information to tune preparations, transition to emergency situation
  • Smart activities logging for lesson learning and derive corrective actions
Plan and prepare
  • Unlimited and flexible mapping of the party’s polling stations, volunteers, and procedures
  • Optimization of all-phase organizational performance by applying predetermined Assignments and procedures
  • As a hierarchical structure, we allow each individual only to view what we’ve defined in advance.

What information should you provide?

  • List of all relevant polling stations
  • The contact person/volunteer at the same polling station
  • List of positions held by party volunteers or observers: polling station manager, area manager, district manager, etc.
  • Questions you would like to ask your volunteers or observers via push notifications during the day

Our team will assist you in creating predetermined questions and assignments that volunteers or observers will answer, and you’ll have access to the results right away on your management dashboard.

For instance:

Have you arrived at the polling station?

Is there anything you see that violates the law?

Real-time map

  • The polling stations are mapped in any resolution – location sensitivity, critical components within the asset
  • Detailed mapping of the workforce by role, province, district, etc.
  • Real-time map of all your volunteers and observers, cars, logistics trucks, and more

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